Glycation: The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugar

Typically when you treat your sweet tooth to something loaded with suger, your only concern lies with cheating on your diet. You would never stop to consider that the chocolate cake you are indulging in could have any real effect on the look and feel of your skin. The unfortunate truth is, thanks to the process of glycation, it very much does.

When sugar enters your body it bonds with proteins and lipids in a process known as glycation. Once it has bonded to these cells it becomes an advanced glycation end-product (AGE) that causes the structure of the previous lipids and proteins to become rigid and deformed. The real problem with this is the proteins found in skin that are the most vulnerable and effected by the process of glycation are the proteins that keep you skin firm and youthful: colagen and elastin. When sugars find their way to those proteins in your skin they weaken the area leaving in discolored and more slacked than before. This shows up on your skin in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, and overall droopiness. The weakening of these cells not only affects them in the immediate aesthetic sense, but also makes them more vulnerable to outside assailants and free radicals.


Since even fruits, vegetables and whole grains convert to glucose when digested, glycation is a somewhat inevitable part of aging. There is not a whole lot you can do, dietarily or otherwise, to stop the process completely. However, it is becoming increasingly possible to slow the process and delay its effects. A good start is watching your intake of simple carbs, white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup since those are a major contributor to excess sugars. Beyond that the skin care industry, and Lira Clinical in particular, has made huge strides in the fight against the aging effects of glycation.

Lira Clinical offers a vast array of product lines that contain ingredients which actively prevent and postpone the effects of glycation. The PRO, BIO, and  Mystiq’ lines are specifically designed to fight pesky dermal processes such as these and either keep your skin as healthy as it currently is or make your skin as healthy and vibrant as it once was. Active ingredients such as progerliene, orange stem cells, leontopodium stem cells, and active peptides all contribute to reversing the effects of glycation and AGEs and make your skin firm and wrinkle free once again. Try Lira Clinical’s amazing product lines to see for yourself the amazing results that so many others can already attest to!

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