Free Radicals


When you are in your dermatologists office and they are discussing proper skin health, you may hear the term “Free Radical” used once or twice. This is a phrase that is often thrown around in the field of dermatology and is often lost on those who have but a cursory knowledge of the industry. It is one of those terms that many do not understand but are aware it is bad for you like gluten or high-fructose corn syrup. There are theories about the effects of free radicals on your health and many scientists agree that they have heavy ties to aging effects on skin.

A free radical is defined as any molecule or atom that has a single unpaired electron in its outer shell. Since an atom actively seeks the maximum amount of electrons in each of its outer shells, this lack of one electron makes these free radicals extremely reactive. This can create problems when these free radicals hit your skin and pull an electron from one of those atoms which can lead to a chemical chain reaction of electron grabbing that can leave several atoms without the electron that was vital to their function. This will eventually lead to the breakdown of the skin’s structure causing wrinkles and overall droopiness.

You are constantly being bombarded by these harmful free radicals as most molecules containing oxygen cause free radical damage. A few of the most direct causes of serious free radical damage are direct sunlight, exhaust fumes, and cigarette smoke. So since oxidants cause free radical damage there is a reason why many Lira Clinical products are chocked full of antioxidants which actively distribute electrons to curb the damaging process that free radicals start.

Utilize the natural power of antioxidants to start your fight against wrinkle-causing free radicals today by trying one of the many Lira Clinical skin care lines!

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