Clinical Overview: BB & SPF Line

The BB & SPF Line was created to help shield and protect skin from the barrage of harmful particles that you come into contact with constantly. The truly brilliant aspect of this line of products is that it not only works towards comprehensive skin protection, it also fights signs of aging and camouflages existing blemishes.  Through the use of top of the line, breakthrough ingredients, the BB & SPF Line will undoubtably do wonders for your skin and protect it from future damage.

Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free with PSC


Stop using standard oil-based sunscreens that leave your skin with an unhealthy look and feel. The Solar Shield 30 is oil-free and not only provides protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, it also actively protects and repairs your skin cells. The moisturizing creme also does wonders for lightening your skin while making it stronger and giving it a firmer feel.

Solar Shield 50+ with PSC


For those that spend extended amounts of time in the sun every day, the Solar Shield +50 provides the perfect skin protection for you. While protecting your skin from harmful UV rays this creme will effectively moisturize your skin while utilizing plant stem cells and antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep your skin looking youthful. Its unique light weight formula wont leave you with oily skin like most sun screens and you only need to apply it once in the morning to keep your skin safe and moisturized the entire day.

BB Tint 30 with PSC


This multifaceted skin care product acts as a moisturizer, sun screen, concealer, and anti aging creme all in one. With its 30 SPF protection, it will actively protect your skin while fighting aging with antioxidants at the same time. This product works with all skin types and only needs to be applied once in the morning to keep your skin healthy and safe all day.

BB Brite 30 with PSC


This corrective treatment not only heals wounds and imperfections on your skin, it also lightens dark spots to give your skin an overall glow. Apply daily as a moisturizer and see what a difference it makes to the look and feel of your skin. It will actively provide you with a more radiant skin tone while keeping you protected from the harmful rays of the sun with its 30 SPF protection.

Lip Factor 15


This topical lip treatment utilizes avocado and jojoba oil to give you healthy, hydrated lips whenever needed. Fight against chapped lips all while protecting them from the sun and giving them a glossy finish you can be proud of.

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