Understanding Sunburn


Getting a sunburn is something everyone has dealt with at one time or another. You can remember to protect yourself from the sun nine times out of ten, but all it takes is that one forgetful moment to earn yourself a painful sunburn that will have you swearing you will never forget again.

When it comes to why sunburn occurs the logical connection most will make is that the sun is hot and standing in its light for too long will leave you burned, like a turkey in an oven. But what actually is sunburn and why does it occur?

Sunburn is a direct result of UV radiation from the sun that can excite and damage your DNA which then elicits a defensive response from the body. This response is typically DNA repair and increased melanin production. The reason the production of melanin is escalated is due to its ability to absorb harmful UV radiation. Melanin actively prevents both the alteration of DNA as well as the production of free radicals.


Besides causing discomfort and redness, the effects of sunburn can be a lot more serious. Serious burns can cause blistering, fever-like symptoms, and can even be debilitating enough to warrant hospital care. Ultraviolet radiation can also cause three different types of skin cancer: basal-cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

The type of UV radiation that causes sunburn and skin cancer is known as UVB radiation. There is a different kind of UV radiation that is responsible for aging effects on your skin known as UVA. Luckily Lira Clinical‘s BB & SPF Line offers protection from both UVA and UVB radiation so you can protect yourself from medical as well as cosmetic damage. And for the rest of July you can even get the BB & SPF Line for 20% off! Enjoy your summer without having to worry about sun damage with the help of Lira Clinical!

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