The Ancient Secrets of the Tremella Mushroom


The oddly beautiful tremella mushroom, commonly known as the silver ear mushroom, is a fungus that has been used in multiple facets of Chinese culture for hundreds of years due to its abundance of ergosterol, the provitamin of vitamin D.

Chinese women would ingest the fungi for its ability to maintain moisture in the skin, as well as its other apparent benefits. It is rumored that Yang Guifei, famed as one of the greatest beauties of ancient China, swore by the mushroom claiming that it was one of the main reasons she was able to maintain her youth and beauty. The tremella is known for its capacity to hold nearly 500 times its weight in water making it a perfect ingredient in both ancient and modern moisturizers.

In more current applications, dermatologists have been able to extract the polysaccharides in the tremella mushroom responsible for the moisturizing effect on skin. The effects documented upon testing its application to skin (as opposed to the ancient method of ingestion) not only aided in skin’s ability to retain moisture, it also showed many other useful properties such as anti-inflammatory, flattening, and skin protecting effects. The skin has a naturally occurring substance known as hyaluronic acid which acts as your built-in moisture retainer. The water absorbing polysaccharide in the tremella mushroom is proven to go above and beyond hyaluronic acid in terms of making your skin soft and plump and produce clearly visible results.

This miracle mushroom’s extracts can be found in several of Lira Clinical‘s products including the BIO Line. See for yourself how this ancient Chinese secret, especially when paired with Lira’s other incredible ingredients, can make your skin softer and more supple than ever by trying the BIO Line today!

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