The True Meaning of Beauty Sleep

The phrase “beauty sleep” is jokingly tossed around a good deal in day to day life but have you ever stopped to consider there might be a reason for that title?

Is there actual science behind the colloquialism? The truth is that the amount and quality of your sleep actually has an effect on the health and appearance of your skin.


There are a few key problems that lack of sleep can cause to your complexion. First of all, it can mess up the vital reparative functions that sleep provides. When you sleep your body releases a human growth hormone. When you were young this hormone aided in your natural growth and when you’re done growing it then helps in strengthening and repairing your skin, muscles, and bones. So when you fail to get enough sleep your body releases too little human growth hormone which leaves your skin in disrepair. This results in the definition of fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, and dark circles under the eyes.

Sleep deprivation can also negatively affect your skin’s ability to retain moisture which leads to dry, unhealthy looking skin. Your skin has a protein, keratin, that’s job is to keep moisture locked in the skin. Lack of sleep directly inhibits the amount of keratin in the skin. Dry skin accentuates existing lines in your skin and the lack of moisture can eventually lead to new wrinkles and crow’s feet. Moisture in your skin keeps it plump and firm so when lack of sleep dries your skin it can sag which leads to these common problems.

Lastly, lack of sleep has a serious effect on your immune system. This vulnerability of the immune system not only means you increase your chances of getting sick, it could also affect your body’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin a rigid structure and keeps it from sagging and developing wrinkles. Again, this lack of collagen over time will compound the other skin problems listed associated with lack of sleep.

The importance of beauty sleep is quite clear based on the numerous negative effects lack of sleep can have on your health.  But sleep obviously is not the only ingredient to clear, healthy skin. With all of the dirt, solar radiation, and free radicals bombarding your skin daily, you would be remiss not to take extra precautions before you drift off to sleep. Try one of Lira Clinical’s numerous moisturizers, cleansers, and hydrating masques that will actively restore your skin’s vitality while you sleep!

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