Bringing Your Skin to the Gold Standard

Throughout all of human history, gold has been revered as the most valuable metal in the world. Due to its rarity and luminescent appearance, people of all cultures have clamored over the precious metal since the beginning of civilization.

We all know gold is valuable for things like jewelry and decoration but is it possible that gold retains a deeper value beneath its shiny surface?

Ancient civilizations certainly thought so as they valued gold for its medicinal effects, claiming that it could heal a wide number of ailments. Cleopatra was said to wear a gold mask every night while she slept in order to maintain a radiant complexion. Other major civilizations such as the Romans and Chinese all used gold as medicine for a number of medical treatments. As we have discussed in past blog posts, modern science can now prove what ancient civilizations could only speculate.


Gold is a surprisingly reactive metal that, when applied to the skin, can have numerous positive effects.

For one gold is an antioxidant which means that it will help fight the breakdown of your skin. Antioxidants lend extra electrons to your skin cells to curb the damage caused by free radicals that are constantly bombarding your skin from airborne pollutants. Free radicals cause a chain reaction that breaks down the structure of your skin leaving it saggy and slack. Being an antioxidant, gold helps to stop this process when applied to possible problem areas.

Gold has more than one use, however. The chemical compound that makes up gold not only curbs free radical damage, it can actually actively improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. The collagen and elastin that make your skin youthful and vibrant deteriorate at a much slower rate when gold is introduced to their structure. Gold stimulates the growth of cells on the basal layer and penetrates deep into skin to return saggy areas to their former radiance.

As most of you are well aware, the sun is a big factor in the breakdown of certain vital structures in the skin that keep them firm and untainted. Sun damage can wreak havoc on your skin’s appearance leaving fine lines and discoloration.

Gold has actually been proven to reduce the appearance of certain types of damage caused by the sun. Any discoloration or droopy skin caused by UV damage can be heavily reversed through the use of gold-infused skin products. Gold is known for its anti-inflammation characteristics on both skin and joints, making it a perfect deterrent for the harmful radiation you absorb from the sun on a daily basis.

For any of your gold related skin care needs, Lira Clinical has you covered. Their BIO, MYSTIQ, and ICE lines all feature products infused with the multifaceted gold element. Raise your skin to the gold standard with the help of the amazingly effective Lira Clinical product lines!

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