Tips for Keeping Your Skin Hydrated this Winter


As many of you who have chronic troubles with dry skin are probably well aware, winter is coming. And it is bringing along with it  the cold, dry weather that will zap your skin of moisture leaving it flaky and cracked. Those with dry skin are all too aware of the condition that the impending holiday season leaves their skin in while all they can do is stockpile chap-stick and sit by the calendar, counting the days until spring. Well to all of the dry skinned winter-hermits, Lira Clinical is here to help. Here are just a few tips to keep your skin from getting dried out and irritated in general to help you through the impending winter months.

1. Limit Hot Shower Time

There are few things better than coming in from a frigid winter day and stepping directly into a steaming hot shower for an extended period of time. Long steamy showers feel great at the time but just like most things, too much of a good thing isn’t healthy. In this instance, too much extremely hot water will dry out your skin and leave it in a state that will make it all the easier for a brisk winter breeze to damage it further and possibly crack it. Try your best to limit your shower time to no more than 15 minutes or so to prevent giving the winter season an edge on drying out your skin.
2. Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself

It is easy to let something like protecting your skin from the sun slip your mind in the dreariness of winter. Applying daily sunscreen seems like such a summer and spring activity making it simple to justify not protecting yourself. But, the harmful UV rays of the sun unfortunately take no holiday. The cold dry weather along with the sun form a dermal-damage tag team that, if gone unprotected, could harm and irritate your skin on multiple levels. Don’t forget to use some kind of UV protection, or better yet moisturizing UV protection, before leaving your house if you want to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance this winter.

3. Avoid Scented Soaps

Using fancy scented soaps and body washes may make your skin smell nice but they more times than not dry out your skin and leave it more vulnerable to the elements. The scent used in many of said soaps is often alcohol based which means the alcohol-infused scent is applied to the skin and soon after evaporates off, leaving just the scent. The problem here is that with the alcohol often takes your skins essential oils with it when it evaporates, leaving your skin dried out. Stick to moisturizing soap to keep your skin looking plump and healthy.


Of course, these are simply preventative measures you can take on top of your existing skin care regimen. To actively fight dry, flaky skin you need a line of moisturizing products that are proven to work in the toughest conditions. Lira Clinical offers a vast array of such moisturizers as well as dozens of other amazingly effective skin care lotions and serums. Don’t wait until its too late! Take action now and and see how Lira Clinical can save your skin this winter!

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