Harvest the Power of Pumpkin Enzymes

October is a very special time of year. The cold weather is setting in, the leaves are changing colors, and decorations for the upcoming holiday season are taking over your local department store. As the orange-tinted days of October slowly tick by, people across the country are preparing for the eve of All Saints Day; the chronological divider between fall and winter, life, and death. This spooky, superstitious date has become known as Halloween, and as the date draws closer, more and more people begin their preparations. Stockpiling candy, setting up decorations, and carving up a pumpkin are all time-honored halloween traditions but did you know that one of those activities holds the secret to healthier skin? You can uncross your fingers as the secret is not candy hoarding, but instead, the incredibly beneficial ingredients found inside of your jack-o-lantern!


Who says celebrating the harvest is outdated? Pumpkin season not only brings us delicious pies, bread, and Starbucks drinks, it also brings the healthy, youthful skin you’ve been dreaming of. The enzymes that are inside the pulp of a pumpkin are an incredible source of the antioxidants your skin needs to fight off the free radicals and other nuisances your skin has to put up with constantly. These enzymes also help your skin to dispose of any buildup of dead skin cells to keep your complexion spotless. Along with these enzymes, the pumpkin also provides plenty of essential vitamins and an abundance of salicylic acid that aids in keeping your pores clear of debris so your skin is consistently silky smooth. Now that is something to celebrate!

Lira Clinical is very excited to help you harness the power of the harvest through their professional-strength Pumpkin Plus Definer with Plant Stem Cells. This incredibly effective serum provides all of the benefits listed above, as well as an array of additional benefits that the pumpkin enzymes alone cannot accomplish. The pumpkin enzymes in Lira Clinical’s serum are infused with retinol, which is essentially a fancy word for the amazingly helpful Vitamin A. Retinol is a natural cell communicator which means it can correct any improper or lackluster behavior your skin cells might be exhibiting. In total, Retinol can help with more than 100 different skin conditions including acne. As if the antioxidants in pumpkin enzymes were not enough, Lira Clinical infused additional mango and pomegranate antioxidants to ensure that your skin is fighting free radical damage as efficiently as possible.

Don’t get spooked by the impending cold weather and the implications that may have for your skin’s health. Instead, make an impression this holiday season and show your friends and loved ones the real you that may have been hiding behind embarrassing, unhealthy skin. Your road to skin health may start with Lira Clinical’s amazing Pumpkin Serum, but why stop there? Lira Clinical has so many incredible products that are sure to turn your skin from spooky to spotless in no time!

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