The Differences Between Male and Female Skin

We’ve all been bored to death by the constant comparison of men and women by comedians, magazine writers, and TV personalities. But, I would wager if you wrote out a list of all the differences between the genders that you could think of, skin would not be included. You have most likely seen some type of men’s skin care in ads or on the store shelves but may have passed it off as a marketing ploy targeting a specific gender, like Dr. Pepper 10 or Tab. The truth is skin is yet another area in which men and women are different in ways that may surprise you.


The first and most prominent difference between men and women’s skin is the fact that male skin is actually thicker than female skin. Now this is not to say that men can take a joke better than women but instead that male skin produces a higher amount of collagen and elastin resulting in a thicker dermal layer. This is also the reason that men tend to age with less wrinkles and fine lines than women. The fact that men have thicker facial hair follicles also decreases the aging of male skin as the male beard acts as natural protection from UV damage. Though, this fact is a double edged sword since men who shave can irritate their skin, leaving it even more susceptible to the damages brought on by free radicals and debris.

The differences of skin between the sexes is not all positive for the males, however. The oil and sweat glands in men are more active in males meaning that oil and bacteria can more rapidly build and lead to irritation and acne. This does mean that men do not need to moisturize as much as women do but they need to wash their faces more often as well.

Despite all of the differences between men and women’s skin, there is something that everyone can agree on: the amazing power of Lira Clinical’s skin care lines. Whether you are male or female, the scientifically researched chemicals and extracts put into Lira Clinical’s products are effective for everyone. So ditch those gender-targeted skin care product and get something that fully, and universally works at

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