Get Glowing for the Holidays!

This holiday season show your friends and family how well you have been doing this past year by showing up with the healthiest, most radiant skin you have ever had! Out of all of the amazing ingredients found in any one of Lira Clinical’s products, there is one that deserves special accolades when it comes to lightening your skin: Arbutin. This natural molecule is pivotal in making your skin more vibrant and bright than you could have imagined.


Arbutin is an extract from the bearberry plant that naturally suppresses the formation of melanin in your skin. This means that it actively stops dark spots before they form and even your skin tone out leaving it bright and beautiful. The best part about this amazing substance, besides how incredibly effective it is, is that it is completely natural! Most lightening agents you would find in skin care products use a chemical-based bleaching agent like hydroquinone which damages your skin over time. You deserve to know what you are putting on your skin and you will not have to think twice when using the natural ingredients in Lira Clinical’s products.

Get lightening now so you can be the most radiant, confident you when it comes time for the holidays. Try Lira’s PRO Lite TX as well as the BB Brite solutions, both of which contain the scientific miracle that is arbutin. But why stop there? Lira Clinical’s lines of skin care products address all kinds of skin issues of varying severities so head to today for your one stop skin care solution!

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