How Your New Year’s Resolutions Help Your Skin

For all of you who have been holding off on curbing your bad behavior until after the holidays, reality has finally arrived. It is important to approach your resolutions for this fresh new year not as burdens that your are required to attempt, but as opportunities to make a lasting and exciting difference in your life. There are no doubt many difficulties that come along with altering ingrained behaviors in your life which make the relapse rate in resolutions very high, but it is important to not only recognize the immediate improvements these changes will make but also the far reaching effects that they may have. We have compiled the most popular new year’s resolutions that were made in 2014 and analyzed how these changes can be incredibly beneficial to your skin to give you that extra incentive to stick to your new year’s plan.

Celebrating New Year with champagne and fireworks


1. Losing Weight

Getting fit and staying healthy is definitely one of the most popular resolutions across the board. Everyone wants to be healthier, not only to look skinnier but also to avoid any health problems that are inevitable with an unhealthy lifestyle. Keeping this resolution takes a lot of dedication and perseverance but you will be pleased to find out that exercise and a healthy diet are key ingredients to beautiful, vibrant skin. Any type of exercise that gets you sweating will help your skin’s health. Sweat is both your body’s way of cooling you off as well as washing away any free radicals and chemicals that are under your skin. Exercise also promotes blood flow to every part of your body including your skin which will help keep it plump and healthy.

2. Quitting Smoking

Another popular and extremely taxing resolution, quitting smoking has been a standard of new year’s promises for as long as they have existed. Among the laundry list of detrimental effects that smoking has on your health, rapid aging and bad skin are two of which long-time smokers are probably acutely aware. Some of the chemicals in cigarette smoke both slow the rate at which collagen is regenerated and actively break down existing collagen, leaving your skin droopy and causing fine lines. Quitting smoking increases your blood flow which will also increase the reparative functions in your skin, helping to fight the damage already done and prevent extensive damage in the future.

3. Getting Organized

This resolution is a bit more general, but an extremely popular one none the less. The key link between being unorganized and the quality of your skin is the fact that not being organized is one of the leading causes of stress in day to day life. If your house is a mess and you can never find anything, stress is an inevitability which can lead to a number of health problems, including several skin-related issues. Stress can trigger a number of skin conditions from acne to eczema so getting your affairs in order and making things easier for yourself is extremely important if you wish to keep a vibrant complexion.

Sticking to your new year’s resolutions is all about how greatly you wish to improve your standard of living and often your health in general. Doing this will have far reaching effects that you might not have even considered so stick with it! Your skin will reflect your good decisions but just to give it that extra boost and maintain the look you have earned, you should try the incredibly effective skin care products from Lira Clinical. They have everything you could ever want to transform your skin from father time to new year’s-baby-smooth! Resolve to live this year with amazing skin by getting started at!

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