The Revitalizing Effects of Sea Fennel

Like many of the ingredients in Lira Clinical’s skin care treatments, sea fennel has been used since ancient times for its many medicinal properties. Sea fennel was in fact so important to ancient Greek medicine that it was incorporated into Greek mythology and hailed for its uses as a detoxifying agent as well as a diuretic. Lira prides itself on finding the most effective and quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to aid in overall skin health and they have recognized that this amazingly potent plant is the perfect addition to their extensive ingredients list.

Sea fennel is good for helping alleviate an array of common skin problems through its vitamin-rich stem cells. This extract, when applied to the skin, is proven to improve the formation of blood vessels which will bring prompt relief to any blemishes or red, irritated areas on your skin. The potent stem cells also regulate the regeneration of keratin in your skin which will improve the look and feel of your skin and leave you feeling renewed.

The unique cell structure of sea fennel actually improves its ability to penetrate your skin making its effects more potent. It contains a large amount of antioxidant peptides meaning that this extract not only rejuvenates your skin, it also protects it from further damage. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, sea fennel enriches and conditions your skin leaving it healthy and smooth.

Lira Clinical has everything you need to take advantage of numerous positive effects that this amazing plant has on your skin. The PRO Line uses sea fennel stem cells to improve almost every aspect of your skin’s overall health. This resurfacing extract will start giving you the results that you have always wanted so do your skin a favor and try Lira Clinical!

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