The Importance of Daily Moisturizing

Well it is officially summer time once again which means a number of things: you have to be extra vigilant against sunburns, mosquitos have mounted their full frontal attack (depending on where you live), and any of your friends that happen to be teachers will start to gloat about all of their free time. All of those things are certainly annoying and I hate to add another responsibility to a season most often associated with leisure and joy but the intense heat of the summer also means that it is more important than ever to keep your skin moisturized. Now this will only seem like an annoyance if you choose to see it that way. However, if you focus on how fresh and revitalized your skin feels after you moisturize, you will be looking forward to this important part of your day. But, if you aren’t convinced, lets talk about why these upcoming months make it more important than ever to keep your skin hydrated.


As those with seasonal allergies are acutely aware after surviving spring, pollen and other allergens can make your skin itchy and irritated leading to scratching affected areas which damages skin even further. It is why that during these spring and summer months it is vital to keep up a regular moisturizing schedule to provide yourself with a fighting chance against these persisting allergens. Moisturizers soothe and calm your skin and help to protect you against anything bothersome wafting through the air from causing a reaction to your skin and potentially ruining an otherwise pleasant summer day.

Speaking of protection, there is no more important time of year to protect yourself from the harmful and aging effects of the sun’s UV rays than the summer. But why choose to protect your skin with the average drugstore sunscreen when you can kill two birds with one stone? A lot of UV protecting creams are also powerful moisturizers that will have just as potent effects as if you applied one at a time. Modern cosmetics companies want you to work smarter so that is why companies like Lira have a ton of products that combine effects for maximum efficiency.

Possibly the most compelling reason for you to adopt a regular moisturizing routine is the fact that moisturized skin is healthy skin. Moisturizers work as sort of a catalyst for developing healthy skin. They oil the gears of your skin’s complex processes that revitalize and renew your skin cells, fighting aging and making your skin flawless. Hydrated skin improves the blood circulation in those areas so that collagen can be replenished more quickly and effectively. This helps your skin stay as plump and healthy as it should be and will help you to look younger for longer. Also lets skin cells repair themselves quicker which is why those that moisturize daily develop wrinkles and fine lines at a fraction of the rate of those who choose not to.

So if you are proactive and wish to get ahead of the game when if comes to preserving your skins health, take a look at some of the amazing single and dual-purpose moisturizers available from Lira Clinical!

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