Beauty Secrets from the Banks of the Nile

A well-established theme of this blog is that some of the most effective skincare ingredients which yield the most coveted beauty secrets are often found in extreme and exotic locations. From remote islands off the coast of Greece, to crevices high in the Pyrenees mountains, this trope continues to prove itself time and time again, which is why Lira Clinical is always searching the most remote corners of the globe for the next big thing in skin health. Now, with the reveal of their new products, we go to the banks of the Nile river in Africa to examine one of the new and exciting ingredients that Lira is introducing into its already extensive list plant stem cells and extracts.


The papyrus plant has played a crucial role in cultural evolution due to its ability to be made into parchment, allowing the birth of written word and a more efficient form of record keeping. Along with its historical importance, the plant itself shares an important attribute with many other ingredients Lira uses which is that it thrives in extreme conditions. Although the plant is partially submerged in water, it is constantly exposed to the brutality of the direct sunlight in a location very close to the equator. This ability to adapt to conditions that are unsuitable for a majority of plant-life is what interested Lira in the papyrus plant and ended up being the reason that the papyrus stem cells had such beneficial effects on skin health.

The primary effect that the papyrus stem cells have on your skin coincides with what the plant does best: retaining moisture in extremely dry conditions. The papyrus stem cells actively support your skin’s natural barrier function activity in order to maintain a healthy level of moisture. By boosting this natural function of your skin, these stem cells give your skin a fighting chance against the dryness process that often occurs when you are exposed to the elements. Additionally, papyrus stem cells are proven to boost your skin’s initial immune response which helps correct problem areas quicker. All of these effects combine to give your skin a smooth, healthy, and hydrated feeling that is noticeably refreshing.

The addition of the papyrus stem cells to the list of Lira’s existing ingredients is exciting on its own, but coupled with the fact that there are several other new ingredients being added to all new products revealed recently just makes it that much more incredible! Check out Lira Clinical for a full list of ingredients and products and begin your road to perfect skin health today!

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