The Power of Peptides

With so many cosmetic companies claiming miracle Benjamin-Button-esque cures to aging and touting their unpronounceable ingredients with alleged life-changing results, it is often hard to sift through the clutter and determine who is the real deal and who is tip-toeing past Federal Trade Commission guidelines for misleading advertising. Luckily enough for you, as well as everyone working at Lira Clinical, Lira prides themselves on starting with the science first and leaving the advertising for later, and not the other way around. That is why you can find complete transparency on the Lira site by looking at their full ingredients list and the science behind it.


If you do choose to take a look at the scientific proof of Lira’s effectiveness, you will surely come across the mention of peptides. When it comes to the varied list of meticulously selected ingredients that go into Lira’s skin care lines, you could look at peptides as the back bone. Peptides are the tried and true ingredient that anti-aging products have featured for years, but only recently have innovative companies began experimenting with combining different peptides to determine which combination proves most effective.

In a more macro view, peptides are the building blocks of protein. They begin as small molecules of amino acid in your skin and as they link together, they become proteins. One of the most crucial proteins that these peptides form is collagen, otherwise known as the protein that keeps your skin taught and smooth. If that was all that peptides did it would be reason enough to include in skin care products but they don’t consider it the back bone for nothing.

When peptides form chains too short to be considered a protein, they can actually penetrate the highest layer of your skin and send signals to your skin cells controlling how they perform. It is at this point that peptides can effectively function as a moisture-locking ingredient and direct your skin’s cells to carry out their reparative function.

Here is a list of the highly effective peptides that Lira Clinical has selected for their skin care lines:

  • Progeline™
  • Cyclopeptide-5
  • Matrixyl®
  • Haloxyl™
  • Eyeliss™
  • Snap-8
  • Syn-ake™®
  • Argireline®

The last peptide on the list- Argireline- has a specific and incredible function that serves as a vital cog in any anti-aging product. Argireline is a neuropeptide that has been proven to actually act as a barrier between neurotransmitters from facial nerves having a similar effect to botox, making your skin more smooth and more firm.

Find out what a difference peptides can make on your skin health by trying any of the amazing lines form Lira Clinical. Visit today to start your journey towards vibrant skin!


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