The Truth About Beauty Oils

“Oil” is one of those words that forces you to pay attention to context. For instance, if someone said that their face is oily, you wouldn’t automatically assume that they just got off a long shift as an auto mechanic.  In the same vein, it may seem hypocritical when a couple of posts ago we talked about how oil is the main cause of acne and in this post we are claiming that oil is beneficial to skin. This is the stigma that surrounds the often underrated cosmetic product broadly known as “beauty oil”.  But, with just some basic information, we will hopefully change some perceptions of beauty oil and help you on your way to a complete cosmetic arsenal.

oil and orchid with green leaf

First things first, let’s address the obvious issue that drives most people away from beauty oils which is that oily skin is universally seen as a bad thing. How that term is used, however, is misleading in and of itself. The fact is that all skin is oily; it’s just that you don’t say you have oily skin unless it is oily to the point of being a problem. If you will remember from Acne 101, it’s not just the oil your skin produces that causes breakouts, it’s the overproduction of that oil that leaves you with pimples. So at this point you may be saying to your screen “Well if all skin is oily, and too much oil is a bad thing, why would I want to put more oil on my face?” Which, first off, stop talking to your screen; you’re coming off as crazy. Secondly, breakouts are caused when the skin has to overproduce oil which is often due to the skin drying out. Therefore, maintaining a healthy amount of oil on your skin keeps your sebaceous glands from overworking and causing pimples.

The second largest stigma associated with beauty oils goes back to my original point. The fact that it is called “oil” can often cause people to make the assumption that beauty oil is oily. Confusing, I know. But the truth of the matter is that quality beauty oil will most certainly not give your skin a slick sheen, but instead will sink in immediately and leave you with an incredibly soft and smooth finish. Not only that but because beauty oil is not water based (meaning it doesn’t require additional ingredients for absorption, stabilization, etc.) it can provide a whole host of unadulterated antioxidant power that will take your anti-aging back bar to a whole new level.

So if  you are ready to experience the true power of the beauty industry’s misunderstood powerhouse, try the quality beauty oils available at like the Mystiq iLuminating Beauty Oil!

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