The True Benefits of Mastiha

In the early days of this blog we discussed the amazing extract from the mastiha tree and its many incredible uses throughout history but, since there were so many fascinating facts about its exotic origin, we were only able to touch the surface of what makes this sought after extract so beneficial. So this week, lets circle back around to mastiha and dive into how this extract taken from a rare tree on a remote Grecian island can do miracles for the look and feel of your skin.


Mastiha, also known as mastic, is a potent natural anti-bacterial resin that is secreted by the Chios mastiha tree and has been used for its various medicinal properties since about when pharmacology was invented. Mastic’s antibacterial properties are so strong in fact, that they are commonly used to cure both peptic ulcers as well as gum diseases like gingivitis. It is obvious why adding such a strong antibacterial substance into your skin-care regimen is a good idea but this is far from mastic’s sole benefit.

While mastic is actively fighting pimple-causing bacteria on your skin, it is also plenty busy staving off viruses too! Mastic contains antiviral properties that have been proven to treat herpes simplex (AKA cold sores) to save you the discomfort and embarrassment of seasonal cold sores.


As it is already apparent, mastic’s medicinal abilities are varied and complex, but there is still another important facet to mastic’s abilities. Rounding our the third and arguably most important of mastic’s “anti-” abilities, this resin is an incredible antioxidant which, as we have discussed in the past, is crucial in an effective skin care product. Antioxidants fight off the decay of vital building blocks in your skin by lending extra electrons to random debris and free radicals that would have otherwise stripped their missing electrons from the atoms in your skin. Without an antioxidant lending its free electron, free radicals could start a microscopic chain reaction of electron grabbing that could eventually lead to collagen break-down and wrinkles as a result.

The real beauty of all of these amazing benefits is that mastic is just one of the many potent and medically recognized ingredients that compose the life-changing products in Lira Clinical’s Mystiq line! Check out a list of the rest of the ingredients in the Mystiq line, or any of Lira’s other incredible product lines at!


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