A Swiss Apple a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

As far as fruit goes, its pretty safe to say that apples are king. This may seem inflammatory to some of you championing oranges, grapes, or even kiwi (keeping an eye on you), but in terms of sheer popularity, apples are unmistakably the rulers of the fruit kingdom.

You’re not giving grapefruit to your teacher in school. That would be mean. The tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden wasn’t growing peaches. Eve would’ve told the serpent to come back when he got some apples. The apple is to fruit what the iPhone is to smartphones, a comparison you could quite literally call “apples to apples” and no one would be upset or confused (in fact they would be impressed at such adept wordplay and subscribe to this blog in hopes of more).

The point is apples are already on top of their game so it should come as no huge surprise that they can be a major contributor to fighting signs of aging.

It’s not your every day granny smith or red delicious that keeps your skin toned and youthful, however. Just like most of the ingredients that Lira Clinical uses, this particular Swiss apple is extremely rare. In fact, before it was discovered that the stem cells in this genus of apple could fight aging they were nearly extinct.

The Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, henceforth referred to as the Swiss Apple for all of our sakes, was bred in the 18th century for its ability to be stored for long periods of time without rotting. The proteins and phytonutrients in the Swiss Apple aide its cells in surviving longer and maintaining its firm texture.

Just like the stem cells from the Edelweiss plant or sea fennel, the Swiss Apple stem cells are game-changing when applied to cosmetics due to their ability to thrive in extreme conditions. Just as the apples themselves have the innate ability to resist shriveling over long periods of time, their stem cells used in cosmetics contribute to your skin’s cellular function to enhance its ability to fight the effect of free radicals and replenish the elastin in your skin to keep you glowing and youthful.

Lira uses Swiss Apple stem cells in many of its products because of its proven ability to fight the development of, and reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and crows feet. The entire BB Line contains Swiss Apple stem cells as well as other extremely beneficial plant stems cells and skin-friendly vitamins that make them your all in one moisturizing, wrinkle fighting, SPF-providing foundation. Check out the BB Line and other amazing products all on LiraClinical.com today!

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