4 Skin Care Trends to Look for in 2016

The new year is well under way and with it brings many more advancements in the rapidly evolving skin care industry. Lira prides itself both on the ability to stay at the forefront of skin care technology as well as differentiating between fads and genuine skin care innovations that are here to stay. With that in mind, here are four sure-fire skin care trends to look out for in 2016.

Masks and Multi-masks

Spa Facial Mask

At-home facial masks are nothing new but the innovations in how effective and precise they are becoming is what puts this cosmetic staple on the watch list for 2016. The most exciting innovations are coming in the way of specific types of masks for distinct types of problems and, even more intriguing, precise areas of your face. The newest trend that has made its way from spas to home cosmetics is multi-masking which, as you might have guessed, means applying different facial masks to different areas of your face to address specific issues. For example, the same mask you would want to get rid of oil and free radicals in your “T-zone” might not be the most effective mask to get rid of crows feet and wrinkles under your eyes and at the corners of your mouth.


Fight the Sun Whenever You Can

Vacation beach woman smiling happy portrait

As we have addressed a few times since the beginning of this blog, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is one of your skin’s biggest foes since its typically an unavoidable part of everyday life. A good rule of thumb for skin care is a good offense is a good defense so we are confident you will see every cosmetic product line ramping up their efforts to fight the damaging effects of the sun. The trend has already begun across most cosmetics but 2016 will be the year that you will be hard-pressed to find a consumer cosmetic without at least a low level SPF.

Smart Makeup

Young and attractive woman from future with the laser hologram o

If you really think about it the fact that your makeup hasn’t always been improving your skins health while it serves its main purpose doesn’t make much sense. For far too long the industry standard has been for makeup to have an inert effect on your skin or even sometimes a negative effect and it hasn’t been until recently that skin care has begun to turn an important corner. Lira has built its reputation on creating products that, through the latest in skincare technology, are able to critically improve your skin’s health and are as of recently innovating in the world of makeup/skincare hybrids, most notably with their revolutionary BB cremes. Lira will continue to enhance their multifaceted formulas in 2016 while you can definitely bet the rest of the industry will just be beginning to catch up.

Clinical Applications


More and more cosmetics companies are discovering ways to interact with customers via versatile smartphone apps that are breaking down the barriers between supplier and customer. For instance, with the Lira Clinical iPhone app you can educate yourself on latest breakthroughs in skincare technology Lira has to offer using the multiple education portals, locate your nearest territory representative, and even apply for a wholesale account with Lira! Updates and improvements are sure to come in 2016 as well to continue to utilize technology to increase the transparency in the cosmetics industry and promote data-driven skincare solutions that are on the cusp of the industry.


To keep up with everything going on this year in the fast-paced world of the cosmetics industry make sure to follow this blog and check out all of the incredibly innovative products at LiraClinical.com!





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