Top 3 Music Festival Skincare Must-haves

Summer is finally here once again which means different things for different people. For some it the start of beach season – for others it’s the beginning of movie blockbuster season – but to music lovers everywhere, summer means one thing: festival season. Whether its Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, or the hundreds of other diverse and colorful music festivals happening over the next few months, summer is undoubtably the season the world has designated to experiencing live music. Besides the music though, the festival experience comes with a number of expectations, both good and bad. Delicious junk food, expensive beer, eccentric and exciting fashion, long lines to the bathroom, and crazy kids having a bit too much fun are just a few examples of what you can expect from a typical music festival. But, it is important to note that skin damage from extended exposure to the sun doesn’t have to be among your expectations. To ensure that you make it through festival season with the same flawless skin you started it with, here is a list of the three music festival skincare must-haves.

Multi-ethnic hippie friends in a minivan on a road trip

#3. BB Crème

The beauty of the BB creme is truly in its versatility. An effective moisturizer, SPF sun block, and a flawless foundation, the BB creme is the Swiss army knife of skincare. Our BB cremes are also specially formulated with anti-aging ingredients as well as anti-inflamatory agents that make them perfect for ultra-sensitive skin. Reduce the amount of clutter in your clutch by bringing along this convenient solution.

#2. Lip Factor 15

Your lips are the most vulnerable part of your skin and therefore require the most protection. After all, you don’t want your lips to be chapped and cracked as you’re singing along to your favorite song. That’s where the power of the Lip Factor 15 comes in. With the combined power of avocado and jojoba oil, as well as a custom lip rejuvenating peptide complex, the Lip Factor 15 protects lips from the harmful effects of your environment. It keeps your lips from drying out while protecting them from the sun, giving you softer, more youthful lips all season long.

#1. Hydrating Mineral Mist with PSC

The key to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful in the hostile environment of an outdoor music festival is ease of access. No one wants to be running off to the porto-potty to keep re-applying facial scrubs. It’s for this reason why the Hydrating Mineral Mist with PSC is the ultimate festival skincare must-have. This handy little solution simply requires a quick spritz to instantly hydrate, calm, and brighten skin using an amazing mix of sea fennel and edelweiss plant stem cells, colloidal gold and silver, vitamins A and E, as well as pomegranate and green tea extracts. No more worrying about where and when to take care of your skin in the hectic and distracting festival grounds, instead you have instant skin care that only takes a moment to apply so you can get right back to enjoying the music.

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