Get your spa ready for fall!

If you couldn’t tell by the proliferation of pumpkin spice in grocery stores and restaurants nationwide, fall is finally upon us! The perfect season in the Goldilocksian way of not being too hot, not being too cold, but juuuuust right, fall is truly a season full of beauty. And, as such, your skin this fall season should only add to the natural beauty all around you!

To get your spa ready for this magical season, Lira invites you to take advantage of our new Autumn Treatment Guide: Ethereal Equinox.

Each of the incredible treatments included in Ethereal Equinox is inspired by the stunning beauty of a crisp autumn night, crafted with many of the natural elements which makes that imagery so stirring. All of the protocols found in Ethereal Equinox are created with the hope to restore absolute radiance and perfect skin health. Our Pumpkin Plus treatment (we’re getting in on the pumpkin craze too!) features antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, retinol and skin healing botanicals to leave your skin glowing like the moon off of a quiet lake on a brisk October night.

Since autumn is a month of change and renewal, we thought it appropriate to include some of our acclaimed smart peels in our new Smart Peel Guide so you can renew your skin’s beautiful shine! With healing minerals, plant stem cell technology and botanicals rich in antioxidants, your skin will not only be renewed, but also healed, brightened and fully recovered quickly to enhance the breathtaking results. Each peel is precisely designed to both brighten and fix damaged skin while also making it firm and plump for a younger, healthier appearance after just one treatment.

Don’t let your skin wilt this fall like a pumpkin a month after halloween! Brighten, firm and heal your beautiful skin with the help of these two amazing treatment guides from Lira Clinical!


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