BB Crème Redefined

What is BB Crème?

BB, or Beauty Balm, crème is the perfect crossroads between makeup and skincare. First invented by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek as a post-op recovery treatment for surgery or laser procedure patients, this multifaceted beauty crème surged in popularity in Korea in the 80’s before making it’s way over to the US in 2011.

Since then, it has cultivated massive success with American skincare fanatics and cosmeticians alike with its ability to act as a light concealer, moisturizer, and often times an SPF. Not to mention, on top of all it all, the convenience of combining multiple steps in your daily skincare routine cannot be understated.

The Next Generation

When Lira Clinical’s team of expert chemists, skincare, and medical professionals learned of the amazing power and convenience that BB crèmes offer, they saw a well overflowing with potential. They looked at the list of benefits these versatile crèmes offered and thought, “Why stop there?”

They then set out to create a BB crème that would not only cater to the full gradient of skin tones, but also provide a plethora of health benefits to a degree that had yet to be reached in the skincare industry. When they finished, they had created seven amazing products that now comprise the Lira Clinical BB Line.

BB Cremes

Featuring winners of the Dermascope Aesthetician’s Choice Award two years running (2016 & 2017), our BB Line sets a new standard for what hybrid cosmetic/skincare products should achieve.

  • Light, flawless foundational coverage for any skin tone
  • SPF 30 to cover your daily UV-protection needs
  • Daily moisturizer to keep your skin’s vital functions operating at peak efficiency
  • Anti-aging ingredients such as:
  • Anti-inflammatory and healing properties, perfect for sensitive skin
  • Brightening ingredients Arbutin and Mulberry Extract give it the ability to be used as an under-eye primer or CC Crème

Power, convenience, value, and beauty all fused into one incredible product that will render many of your single-use skincare products and cosmetics obsolete. Save room on your back-bar, save money on your skincare routine, and save your skin from the perils of daily life by switching to the next step in cosmetic skincare:

The Lira Clinical BB Line

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