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How To Heal A Sunburn

Even the most diligent SPFers among us have lapses of judgment and end up out in the sun for a bit longer than anticipated without the proper protection. Hindsight is always 20/20 in these situations but kicking yourself for not being more prepared won’t make your freshly burned skin heal any quicker.

What will make it heal quicker, or at least what will make you feel better in the meantime, are these easy steps to make the sunburn healing process as painless as possible.

Focus on Moisture

Since the process of tanning and eventually forming sunburn are defense mechanisms combating the harmful effects of UV radiation, by the time you actually “burn” your skin is in bad shape and needs all the help it can get.

Moisture is key during these trying times so digging deep in your moisturizer arsenal will be your skin’s saving grace. The trick to maximizing the moisture on your sunburned skin is to apply a light coat of a nourishing body oil as a base. After letting it soak in for a minute or so, apply your moisturizing cream for a double dose of luxurious moisturizing power. A proper balance of moisture is essential for the reparative functions of your skin, so moisturizing regularly is a shortcut to healthy skin.

Wash Smart

During this tumultuous, painful time in your life, the name of the game is maintaining moisture. So when you go to turn the dial on your bath or shower all the way to “H”, you may want to think twice.

Hot water depletes your skin of moisture and can leave your already damaged skin even worse for wares. Opt for a lukewarm or cool bath or shower instead which will sooth your aching burns and won’t affect the moisture levels of your skin.

You may also want to consider a washable oil instead of soap, as the alkaline nature of the suds can dry out your skin just as rapidly as hot water.

Natural healing

Nature got you into this situation, the least it could do is help you out of it. Look for these certain naturally occurring ingredients that will do wonders for the healing process of your sun-damaged skin.


There’s a reason Aloe vera is the first thing you think of when considering your sunburn treatment options. Aloe contains glycoproteins that sooth your burn and relieves inflammation while forming a protective coat around affected areas and assisting your skin’s moisture retention.

Colloidal Gold and Silver

These precious metals act as a tag team of wound healing that will have your skin primed and ready to tan in no time. While silver plays defense and acts as a powerful antibacterial, gold works to blend your discolored skin back to its original state. The best part is, both of them are known for their wound-healing and cellular growth stimulation abilities.

Vitamins A & E

When it comes to healing damaged skin, vitamins A & E are equally effective as colloidal gold and silver, but they specialize in slightly different areas.

Vitamin A actively aids the skin’s natural reparative function while simultaneously bolstering dermal thickness and increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin, speeding up the healing process.

Meanwhile, vitamin E reduces the affected area’s inflammation while assisting your immune system, providing some much-needed protection while your skin heals.

Hydration certainly isn’t restricted to topical applications, however. Drink plenty of water to assist your immune system and maintain the flow of moisture to the affected area.

For all of your sunny day skincare needs, Lira Clinical has you covered. From the perfect protection (Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free w/ PSC) to the perfect treatment (BIO Recovery Balm), we have what it takes to turn your skin from burnt up to turnt up in no time flat.

One Comment

  1. Erin Frederick

    Thanks for the helpful information! Proper sunburn aftercare is a bit more in-depth than most people think. I like how you explained using oil, then cream to keep the skin moisturized. If you use just a skin cream or lotion, you envelop the skin and trap heat that needs to be released. The more the skin can breathe and stay moisturized, the faster it can heal.

    Another easy step for significant relief is ibuprofen to take the edge off the inflammation. There is also evidence behind HOCl (hypochlorus) as a powerful healing agent that could speed sunburn healing time. A combination of aftercare habits will give you the best relief.

    Great article!

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