SPF Technology Redefined

As we have stressed throughout the life of this blog again and again (and again and again and again), protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important rules of maintaining flawless, healthy skin.

But, while we’ve been working hard to educate people on the true dangers of UV over-exposure, our brilliant team of chemists, skincare, and medical professionals have been working even harder behind the scenes to create the future of SPF skincare technology.

And now, at long last, we are very excited to announce the 3 newest products in Lira Clinical’s SPF Line: Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free, Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint, and Solar Shield 30 Hydrating!

All three new products in our SPF line protect you from 97% of UV rays thanks to their 21% zinc oxide composition. And, while you’re being protected from the harmful rays of the sun, your skin is being actively repaired, hydrated and improved with plant stem cell technology, the latest ceramide technology, and advanced peptide technology!

Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free

This all-in-one solar guardian works with any skin type but is most effective for those with oily or combination skin.

Depositphotos_115392424_original (1).jpg

Through the power of yarrow root, slippery elm, reservatrol, oat & halidrys siliquosa extracts, and lilac & echinacea plant stem cells, the SPF Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free will soothe, brighten, heal, and most of all protect your vulnerable skin.

It was specifically designed to calm redness and help address oily or acne-prone skin while providing maximum protection from the sun.

Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint

The Classic Tint was designed for people with normal or dry skin to provide substantial UV protection while hydrating and healing skin.

Depositphotos_100888242_original (1).jpg

Through the power of its unique peptide delivery system, the Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint helps skin retain it’s structural integrity, stimulates cell growth, helps to reduce rosacea, and prevents future breakouts.

The Classic Tint has everything you need for daily hydration and protection and will give your skin a natural glow without that heavy makeup feel.

Solar Shield 30 Hydrating

Last, but certainly not least, Solar Shield 30 Hydrating is a powerhouse of moisture and SPF protection rolled into one incredible product.


With amazing ingredients like peach kernel oil, sea oak, red raspberry, and lilac & echinacea plant stem cells, the versatile SPF improves your skin’s barrier function activity, inhibits melanogenesis to naturally fight the effects of the sun, brightens complexion, and speeds wound healing.

The Solar Shield 30 Hydrating is beneficial for all skin types but works especially well for those with dry, dehydrated, and hypersensitive skin types.


Fight the harmfull effects of the sun while simultaneously fighting aging, acne, rosacea, and countless other skin problems with the incredibly multifaceted products that make up the all new Lira Clinical SPF Line!


SPF Collage.jpg

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