5 Powerful Autumn Antioxidants

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, your skin becomes increasingly vulnerable to the damaging effects of pollutants and free radicals.

Since antioxidants are your skin’s most effective defense against the constant barrage of free radicals, autumn is the perfect time to ramp up your antioxidant skincare efforts. Luckily, there is a cornucopia of autumnal ingredients chocked-full of the antioxidants your skin needs to survive the coming winter.


You can’t decorate for autumn without this big orange gourd in the mix. But, if you dive beneath its thick hull and into its goopy guts, you will find enzymes chocked full of vital antioxidants and other skin-healthy ingredients.

giphy (11).gif

Along with these enzymes, pumpkins are full of essential vitamins and an abundance of salicylic acid that aids in keeping your pores clear of debris and prevents acne breakouts.


This super-fruit and its juice are not only delicious, they’re also chocked full of powerful antioxidants that will help stop the aging process in its tracks.

source (2).gif

Pomegranates also calm irritated skin with anti-inflammatory properties, aide cellular regeneration by stimulating keratinocyte skin cells, and moisturize skin with micronutrients and vitamin C. Speaking of which…

Vitamin C

Whether it’s oranges, grapes, apples, or pears, there are so many key players in a festive cornucopia that carry vitamin C that we decided to roll them into one entry. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants and will curb the oxygenation of your skin before it even starts.

giphy (12).gif

Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen in your body, keeping your skin’s reparative functions working efficiently and preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Butternut Squash

This adorable little squash, as well as many of its fellow squash brethren, are gold mines for antioxidant protection. It just goes to show, even the filler ingredients in the cornucopia can be of some use.

source (3).gif

These squashes are also an excellent source of vitamin A, C, and E. Combined, these vitamins will support the healthy growth of tissues (A), boost the production of collagen (C), and speed the healing of any wounds or abrasions (E).


It’s decidedly more difficult to find an animated gif of ginger root than it is for ginger to protect your skin from free radical damage. With around 40 antioxidant properties, this powerful little root will keep your skin smooth through the long winter.

giphy (13)

Ginger can also make unsightly hyperpigmentation and scarring fade away to nothing, evening your skin tone.

Although fighting off free radical damage is an important habit to maintain all year, the winter can be especially taxing on your skin so it’s more important now than ever. Gaurd yourself against the cold with these additional tips on how to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months.

Also, let the Pumpkin Plus Definer with PSC from Lira Clinical jump-start your autumn antioxidant regimen! With an abundance of pumpkin enzymes, pomegranate antioxidants, and retinol, it’s the perfect peel to start your autumn off right!

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