The Miraculous Skincare Secrets of Jojoba Oil

Deep in the arid deserts of northwestern Mexico, thriving in an environment as dry and cracked as your skin would be if you tried to reach it, exists a plant that produces an oasis of moisture from its seeds.

This plant, known as jojoba, produces an oily substance of the same name that has been used as a skin and hair-care product since the late 17th century. Jojoba may seem like an odd name for a miraculous beauty oil, but once you realize it’s other AKAs include goat nut, deer nut, pig nut, and gray box bush, jojoba doesn’t sound so bad.


We’ve discussed several incredible plants which can be cultivated into fantastic skincare products, but what truly makes jojoba unique is it is the only known plant that produces esters that are chemically similar to the esters the sebaceous glands in your skin produce. This organic compound can actually mimic the restorative functions or your skin’s natural oils!

With that in mind, let’s get into some of the amazing benefits this one-of-a-kind beauty oil can have on your skin.

Powerful Moisturizer

Dehydrated skin is easily damaged and functions at a fraction of the efficacy as it would were it properly moisturized. Since jojoba oil is structurally similar to your skin’s natural oils, it can easily and immediately penetrate skin and keep it plump and moisturized.

With its smooth waxy texture, jojoba oil creates a long-lasting moisture barrier, locking in essential moisture and keeping your skin soft and supple all day.

Balances Natural Oils

The key to correcting dry and oily skin alike is to find the right balance of moisture. After all, over-moisturizing dry skin and under-moisturizing oily skin can be equally damaging.

Jojoba can help find this balance since it’s presence can mimic your natural oils and signal your sebacious glands to stop producing more oil, therefore regulating your natural oil production. Also, unlike some beauty oils, jojoba is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t block your pores.

Fights Wrinkles

Since diligently moisturizing your skin is a great way to stave off fine lines and wrinkles, jojoba’s moisturizing ability alone makes it great for anti-aging.

But this old goat nut (sorry) doesn’t stop there. It’s loaded with vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. That means it can actively fight off wrinkle-causing free radicals and maintain the internal structure of your skin! Thanks, goat nut!

Effective Body Oil

Although keeping your face moisturized is very important, the look and feel of the rest of your body shouldn’t fall by the wayside.

It doesn’t have a greasy texture so you can easily apply it before you go to bed or before you start your day without having to worry about a glossy sheen. Focus on your décolleté, neck, arms and any other part of your body that is directly exposed to the airborne pollutants you encounter on a daily basis.

Heals Chapped Lips

Jojoba can take the place of your traditional lip balm since it is so effective at providing and locking in moisture. The vitamin E it provides will help speed the healing of cracked or damaged lips, especially when combined with other helpful vitamins.

If reading about the amazing effects this truly unique ingredient can have on the look and feel of your skin piqued your interest, check out these articles on equally incredible ingredients that can all be found in different Lira Clinical skincare lines:




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