Nightly Skincare Routines From The Lira Clinical Owners

Enough beauty sleep and a great nighttime skincare routine is a winning combination for great skin. Discover the nightly skincare routines and top PM beauty product picks from the Lira Clinical owners.

Metaxia Dalikas

“I always like to double cleanse at night to remove my makeup with the MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser followed by the PRO Exfoliating Cleanser.  I love mixing the BIO Hydra C Serum and PRO C4 Retinol Serum together giving me the perfect balance for evening skin repair.  I finish with one of my Lira favorites, the MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil, making sure I take the oil down my lashes for a lash conditioning treatment.  I will also add one of Lira’s prototype products in my nightly skincare routine, as we continually strive to offer our skin therapists the latest in skincare technology.”

Nightly Fave Product Pick: MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil


Francine Kagarakis

“The creamy, silky goodness of the MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser is always the first step of my nighttime skincare routine.  I will usually cleanse a second time with PRO Exfoliating Cleanser followed by the PRO Retinol Crème. That instant skin tightening feeling is awesome!  I finish with either the BIO Lift Creme or MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil, depending on my skin’s mood. I usually test Lira prototype products on the weekends to find my favorite combinations.”

Nightly Fave Product Pick: PRO Retinol Crème


Brenda Cumming

“I start with our MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser.  I love the tightening and brightening effects of the PRO Firming Serum and the MYSTIQ Intense C15 Booster. To keep my skin hydrated at my high elevation in Colorado (7,000+ feet) I love the BIO Hydra Infusion. For my finishing products I use the MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Créme and to keep my lips protected and nourished the BIO Lip Factor. I use the PRO Retinol Creme 2-3 times a week to exfoliate.”

Nightly Fave Product Pick: MYSTIQ Intense C15 Booster


Anna Konstantin

“I cleanse with the BIO Enzyme Cleanser, it helps keep my skin balanced without over drying. I follow with the MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Crème and the PRO Lite Serum for brightening my skin and helping lighten pigmentation. I LOVE the ICE Balancing Lotion! It gives me the perfect amount of hydration while helping control oil and keeping my hormonal breakouts at bay.”

Nightly Fave Product Pick: ICE Balancing Lotion


Interested in finding your perfect nightly skincare routine? Contact a Lira Clinical Pro in your area through our Retail Locator here, or contact Lira to connect you with a skincare professional

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