Identifying Problematic Pigment and How to Treat it Effectively

It’s rare to find someone with an absolutely flawless complexion without the help of at least a little makeup and a few sneaky photo filters. But it’s not impossible! With professional guidance and recommendations close to flawless skin is achievable.

Dark spots, sun damage and overall hyperpigmentation is a condition that many people suffer from over the years. It can be very frustrating, especially when you are tackling tough pigment. You may have googled DIY home treatments, tried over the counter products only to find no difference. That’s because every type of pigment needs a different remedy as well as professional guidance and treatments in order to see real results

Today we want to delve a little deeper into the world of hyperpigmentation, share some of the most common pigment problems with you, as well as provide recommendations so you can start to see the results you deserve!

What is skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation?

Melanin is the skin’s natural pigment that gives it its color, so it makes sense that fair skin tones have less melanin than darker skin tones.

Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone occurs when an excess of melanin is produced in the skin.

Hyperpigmentation is very common and due to an array of factors form hormonal changes to sun exposure. It’s characterized as a darker area of skin that may range from small dark spots to much larger patches.

3 Common types of skin pigment problems

There are various skin pigment problems, but we wanted to touch on three of the most common.

Hormonal (melasma)

This type of hyperpigmentation is due to hormonal changes and is most commonly seen in pregnant women, whose hormones go through a rollercoaster of changes.

Any type of hormonal adjustments, can cause melasma including birth control pills, thyroid dysfunction and changes in natural hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone. In fact, melasma has even been linked to stress because stress can disrupt your hormone balance.

Melasma is also often referred to as the “pregnancy mask” because it appears in a mask-like pattern over the mouth, chin, jaw and cheeks.

Melasma can start to clear up with the help of brightening products and once your hormones are under control and balanced, however, we do recommend wearing sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin every time you head outdoors to prevent making it worse.


Pigmentation that has been caused by trauma to the skin is referred to as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

It can occur in any skin color, however, it does tend to be more common in darker skin tones and is a result of inflammation due to trauma to the skin.

This type of trauma can be caused by deep cystic acne that leaves behind scarring, over exfoliation, bruises, scratches, burns, cuts, etc.

Inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can also cause this type of pigmentation as well as a severe sunburn or allergic reaction.

Identifying the cause of your PIH is key. For example, if pigment is caused by acne breakouts, find ways to control sebum production through lifestyle changes and professional products.  Managing inflammatory skin conditions through topical professional products can even skin tone while creating a healthier skin environment and balanced micro-biome.

Sun Damage/Environment

This is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation and is simply caused by over-exposure to UV rays. Sun exposure can cause an imbalance in melanin levels with increased inflammation in the skin.

Going out without sunscreen is the number one cause of this form of hyperpigmentation. The FDA recommends wearing a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 every time you head outdoors! It is also a good idea to wear hats, sunglasses or UPF clothing.  Lira Clinical’s SPF line offers physical protection with 21% zinc oxide that is reef-safe and chemical-free.

How to tackle hyperpigmentation head-on with advanced treatments and at-home products

Of course, everyone’s treatment will differ and be unique to them, so we highly recommend speaking to a trained esthetician or skincare professional to customize your very own personalized course of action.

Chemical peels and the Vita Brite Refresher

Peels are an effective preventative and corrective exfoliation method that work by exfoliating the uppermost layer of skin, treating surface hyperpigmentation. This speeds up cellular turnover so you can see brighter results faster while maintaining your skin’s ideal health.

Lactic and mandelic acids are some of the most common ingredients used during skin brightening treatments.  Protecting skin against further environmental damage is essential directly after a treatment. Daily application of your Lira Clinical SPF or BB Creme prevents future damage while restoring bright, beautiful skin.

The Vita Brite Refresher is an exclusive Lira Clinical treatment and features a skin brightening blend of vitamin c, multiple acids, and MASQ-techTM skin illuminating technology. This is Lira Clinical’s most popular facial treatment and is perfect for first-time clients or clients who want instant, no-downtime results.

Vita Brite Ingredient Features and Benefits:

  • MASQ-techTM, vitamin C, and a mandelic acid combination
  • Intense lightening, tightening, and hydrating effects
  • Safe for non-primed clients, pregnant skin and works as a great intro peel

Lira’s Top Brightening At-Home Products:

Sunscreen and BB Creme

SPF is key to preventing all forms of hyperpigmentation! A good sunscreen will help to prevent pigmentation issues as well as slowing the natural aging process and reducing your risk of skin cancer. Lira Clinical has award-winning SPF moisturizers and BB Creme products that contain SPF 30, anti-aging and brightening ingredients.

These are just a few of the options available, but to find out what’s best for your specific skin type and pigment condition, we highly recommend talking to a trained professional. You can find a Lira Clinical expert in your area by visiting our Retail Finder here or call/email us at 877-440-5472,

Professional Training

We are excited to announce our Science of Flawless Skin – Advanced Peel Factors professional certification class. This new Lira class series concentrates on how to tackle multiple pigmentation conditions with advanced treatments and customized homecare use. Find a class in your area here.

To learn more about our award-winning professional products and treatments contact us at or call 877-440-5472

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