12 Botanicals to Look for in Your SPF

As you might know, the #1 rule of skin-care is to apply sunscreen every day, no matter what. But if an SPF is a foregone conclusion in your skin care routine, why not use a product that offers more than basic protection?

Flowers, fruits, and plants of all kinds have thrived by harnessing the energy of the sun for millions of years, so it’s no wonder that they offer a host of incredible benefits when added to your everyday SPF.

So, when you’re looking for your next sunscreen, make sure you scan the ingredients list for these incredible botanicals:

Yarrow Root Extract


Yarrow root is an incredibly versatile addition to any SPF. Not only is it a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also a natural antiseptic, keeping your skin clear of acne-causing bacteria.

On top of it all, yarrow root is an incredible moisturizer, which you’ll need in your SPF as your skin needs as much moisture as possible to protect itself from UV radiation.

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Slippery Elm


The primary benefit of slippery elm in your SPF is its intense anti-inflammatory abilities. This amazing extract does wonders to keep your skin calm and even-toned under even the most extreme sun exposure.

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Lilac Plant Stem Cell


When you add lilac to your SPF, you’re actively brightening your skin and reducing redness while protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.

UV radiation also causes oxidation of the skin which breaks down collagen in a chain reaction. Luckily, lilac is a potent antioxidant which can stop and reverse the process of oxidation, preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

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Echinacea naturally stimulates the skin’s immune system to regenerate and revitalize wounds while suppressing infection.

These wound-healing abilities, paired with it’s anti-stress and anti-inflammatory benefits, make echinacea a perfect addition to your SPF.

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Sea Oak


Due to its high levels of nourishing polyphenols, sea oak stimulates natural sun protection in addition to your SPF and can reduce future breakouts.

It also provides powerful anti-inflammatory benefits to keep your skin tone even and reduce redness.

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Fenugreek is a natural wound-healer and antioxidant, vanishing trouble spots and fighting free radical and UV damage simultaneously.

It’s also a great addition to an SPF for those suffering from eczema as it has shown to calm and replenish skin.

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Peach Kernel Oil


With its ability to bolster your skin’s natural barrier functions, peach kernel oil is the perfect addition to keep an SPF functioning at full efficacy.

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Red Raspberry


Don’t let its sweetness fool you. Red Raspberry extract carries more than its weight when added to any SPF.

It not only adds its natural UV protection, but it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and keeping your skin calm and even-toned.

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Ginger is the go-to for natural anti-inflammatory needs. Its ability to soothe is so powerful that it can calm irritated skin both internally and externally.

It also actively seeks out and neutralizes free radicals, improving your skin’s radiance and texture.

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Cucumber is the icing on the cake when it comes to botanical benefits in your SPF. Its amazing ability to hold water and hydrate skin leaves it beautifully plump and healthy.

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Licorice Extracts


Licorice is a natural tyrosinase inhibitor, meaning that it neutralizes the functions in your skin that cause dark splotches, naturally evening your skin tone.

While it’s evening the look and feel of your skin, it’s also keeping it soothed and calm with its potent anti-inflammatory abilities.

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Oat Extract


Oat extract can cleanse and moisturize your skin while using its antioxidant properties to reverse the damage done by free radicals and UV radiation, all without ever stripping your natural oils.

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Don’t settle for a basic SPF. Get the most out of your daily skin care routine with the incredible natural benefits of botanicals!

You can find all of these ingredients and more within the Lira Clinical SPF Line which features the perfect SPF for every type of skin.

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