12 Days of Christmas

Lira Clinical Brings To You 12 Days of Holiday Skincare

All I want for Christmas is youth!

There is no need to fear the ghosts of skincare past this season. Whether you didn’t see the value of sunscreen in your younger years, forget to wash the makeup off at night more times than you care to admit, or (try as you might) don’t drink enough water, do not worry about finding yourself on the personal care naughty list. In order to be bright and beautiful long past the 12 days of Christmas, let’s explore (at least) 12 reasons Lira is the perfect fit for your holiday wish list:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Puffy eyes? Dark circles? Pesky crow’s feet? Lira Clinical’s MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Cream is the one product that combats them all. The advanced peptide complex along with silver ear mushroom extract and the orange plant stem cell work to de-puff and smooth the appearance of wrinkles while brightening mastiha, sea fennel stem cell, mulberry and bearberry extract battle dark circles.

For all ages, all skin types and any season. Want a daily retinol product loaded with four forms of Vitamin C? The PRO C-4 Retinol Serum is the perfect product to stuff in your stocking. Need a little more? The PRO Retinol Crème combines our favorite age-fighting ingredient with Lactic Acid, Hexylresorcinol and brightening BV-OSC and is the perfect gift to your skin, and yourself.

Complete with the option of Oil Free, Classic Tint, or Hydrating Solar Shields, you are sure to find the perfect protection for any complexion in any season. All formulations include a pure physical block, 21% Zinc Oxide, along with plant stem cells, sophisticated peptides, and soothing botanicals. Pick your favorite and prepare to “sleigh” all day.

Using multiple forms of vitamin C works by strategically penetrating the many layers of the skin to do everything from increasing collagen synthesis, adding to UV protection, brightening, clarifying, encouraging the skin’s natural moisturizers and increase product penetration. There’s more with four!

Newly re-formulated to add the healing properties of turmeric, this ultra-hydrating gel masque is a favorite for everyone south of the North Pole. From the treatment room to the perfect addition for a home care arsenal, this masque works to quench parched skin and calm and soothe inflamed, sensitive mugs. Use post chemical peel, or post sleigh ride to restore calm and hydration.

Discover the Magic of Mastiha with any of the amazing products in the MYSTIQ line. From the Chios region of Greece, Mastiha is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and brightening ingredient unique to Lira. Quick tips: The creamy iLuminating Cleanser is an excellent make up remover or works as a double duty cleanser/shave crème. Also, try adding a few drops of the MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty oil to your favorite serum or moisturizer for a winter-fighting boost.

You know Blanc and Tint and Sienna and Noir. Bronze and Amber and the concealers, or course (Marigold, Clover and Rose), but do you recall, the most versatile BB of all? BB Brite! The BB Brite can be worn with any complexion, any skin type, by anybody. It acts as a protective, brightening moisturizer and can be worn as a stand-alone powerhouse, or as a makeup primer. If you are looking for more evening coverage, consider any one, or combination of the other six BB colors. The breathable technology in the formulations means your skin is covered, but not smothered.

There are billions of faces on this planet, but like beautiful snowflakes, no two are the same. Eight lines, composed of the most sophisticated, healing, brightening and clinical ingredients provide an opportunity to design the perfect individualized skin care routine that is as unique and perfect as you!

From enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to mineral TCA and Mineral Retinol, Lira’s peel line-up is broad and versatile and ready for any skin care concern or condition. You bring it, we’ll rejuvenate it!

There are many ingredients in the PRO Pads that make them perfectly renewing and balancing, but the following botanicals are a great example of science discovering nature’s brightening and anti-aging secrets:

  • Mallow Extract = Protective, soothing, anti-inflammatory
  • Peppermint Extract = Potent anti-inflammatory
  • Bearberry Extract = Evens skin tone, antioxidant
  • Mulberry Extract = Brightening melanin suppressant
  • North Atlantic Sea Oak = Natural SPF, brightens skin
  • Ginger Extract = Combats premature aging
  • Licorice Extract = Evens skin tone, potent anti-inflammatory
  • Primrose Extract = Anti-itch, anti-irritation
  • Melissa Extract = Antimicrobial
  • Grapefruit Extract = Natural astringent, antioxidant

Plant stem cells are natures rebuilders and are eco-friendly, sustainable botanical ingredients that aid skin in its regeneration process. Lira uses these well researched ingredients to enhance the skin’s natural reparative abilities in the following ways:

  • Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cell – Hyper-pigmentation
  • Echinacea Stem Cell – Wound Healing
  • Lilac Stem Cell – Acne
  • Orange Stem Cell – Elastin
  • Alpine Rose Stem Cell – Barrier Function
  • Swiss Apple Stem Cell – Trauma
  • Grape Stem Cell – UV Protection
  • Edelweiss Stem Cell – Collagen
  • Argan Stem Cell – Growth
  • Madonna Lily Stem Cell – Brighten
  • Papyrus Stem Cell – Hydrating

‘Tis the season for hustling, bustling and dashing through the snow. But soon the daylight will last longer, and spring will have sprung. Before you know it, the summer heat will be in full swing and just around the corner will be the crispness of fall. Because skin care needs change with each season, Lira has the perfect product assortment to ensure all is calm, all is bright all year long.

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